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Linking to WordPress

  • xarzu


    I installed a fresh copy of bbpress and during the installation process I was asked if I wanted to connect it to a wordpress database.

    Now, when I register a new account on wordpress, it appears as a new account on bbpress.

    But here is the rub. I have added a plug in on the wordpress side on the registration menu. You have to click to agree to some policy. Since this plugin does not exist on the bbpress side, if I register a new account on the bbpress side, and try to use it to log in on the Wordperss side, I get an error that says “you do not have permission to ….”

    How do I make the registration I have formed on the WordPress side match the Registraion process on the BBPress side. Although the database is shared according to my tests and how I installed the latest versioin of BBPRess, the registration and login pages are not the samel

    Here is the registration on the wordpress side showing my custom plugin

    Here is the registration on the bbpress side.

    Maybe there is a way to make the bbpress such that when they click on the login link it directs the user to the login for the wordpress side (and also if they click on the registration link on the bbpress it goes to the registration on the wordpress side). How would I go about changing that? Is it html code or php code? The page,2-2/bbpress/ has the login and register links the link for login goes to,2-2/bbpress/bb-login.php and the link for Register goes to,2-2/bbpress/register.php . How do I change that?

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  • Why not just a simple .htaccess redirect? Or this:

    For .htaccess, something like this in your bbpress folder might help:

    RewriteRule ^bb-login.php [L,R=301]
    RewriteRule ^register.php [L,R=301]




    That is pretty clever. I like that. I think I will use this technique. Now I just need to refresh my memory on how to code .htaccess

    I have created the file, .htaccess and I included the lines

    And I gave it a shot, but it did not work. Is there something I need to do such as make the file a certain type or read/write privledge?




    RewriteRule ^.*/bb-login.php$ [R=301,L]


    Redirect 301 /bb-login.php



    While I try several combinations of this I thought I would throw this out for consideration.

    PHP is not like HTML. PHP generates HTML or browser code on the server and spits it out onto the browser on the client side. I am just thinking now that maybe you cannot use this method of redirection because the functionality is overwritten. I am just asking. Has anyone tried this redirection method with PHP before?

    As I type this, I am deleting the browser histrory/memory to see if that helps because so far this method does not redirect anything.



    I went the PHP route.

    At the top of register.php I put this code:


    header( ‘Location:; ) ;

    and it works.



    This PHP redirect worked beautifully for my exact same situation, thanks.


    I am a total newbie with bbpress and want to integrate to my wp 2.9.2 self-hosted site.

    Can you publish a short description of exactly what you did to make yours work properly, either here or you can register on our site and I’ll contact you directly?

    Thank you SO much!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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