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Latest Disscussions Plugin

  • Hey Community,

    I had a question about this latest discussion plugin, which is awesome by the way:

    Is there a way to shorten the length of the titles being pulled from the forum.

    For Example, for a forum with a title as:

    “this is a forum title and I am a bad poster who make titles way to long”

    to this:

    “this is a forum title…”

    This would really help out because our latest discussions from the forum on our wordpress home page break a bit when the titles get to long.

    Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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  • Another question that would be a solution… is there a way to limit the length of bbPress forum title posts?

    Hey Community,

    We are getting closer to the launch of our site, and we are still having trouble with our bbpress title lengths interfering with our wordpress layout.

    You can see our bbpress forum locations spread through out the site.

    Is there any way to put a limit on the length of titles so they don’t break our site? We are using the same setup as described above.

    Any help would be appreciated, even if it means some sort of a temp css fix to hide overflow.



    It’s not that hard to do. Just google on this and script/excamples will pop-up in no time. Basicly you will have to count the nr of letters and replace all other letters with …

    I am at work else I could give an excample….

    … not very helpful I know just google :D

    Update the plugin already. Now u can set the length of the text from BbLD option page. Get it from bbPress plugin page.

    Refer to changelog for older update. Hope this gonna solve your problem :)

    Haha, Atsutane, fantastic. :D Continually improving this plugin is great :D

    You spelt “integrated” intergrated by the way – luckily consistently through your code, so it works okay anyway. ^^ Better English is also “in” category rather than inside. Just if you want to know. :)

    Thanks for the replies. I have updated the plugin, but now I am getting an errors on my wordpress pages:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘content._bbtopics’ doesn’t exist]

    SELECT * FROM _bbtopics WHERE topic_status = 0 ORDER BY topic_time DESC LIMIT 50

    I am starting to research this, and if anyone else already knows what the problem might be, feel free to chime in.



    it appears that my options page is not making changes to the plugin. Hmmm, I checked the plugin file, and it looks like the changes I made are still set to the defaults.

    I am still a stuck on this, I am not totally sure what to enter in my plugin options. With the old plugin I adjusted these options in the plugin php file:

    $bbpath = ‘/content/forums’; // Adjust the path to suit your bbpress location. Example: ‘/forums’

    $forum_slimit = ’20’; // Adjust the limit to show

    … and I was able to get the feature working.

    In the options menu for the new plugin I have adjusted the path to reflect the above path. I left the options below the “External DB” option blank: “Bbpress DB User, Bbpress DB Pass, Bbpress DB Name, Bbpress DB Host,” for I believe these are for using the external database, and I am using the local host and sharing a database with WordPress. (I also tried filling the “Bbpress DB User, Bbpress DB Pass, Bbpress DB Name, Bbpress DB Host” options, with out checking the external datatbase box, and I ran into the same issue.)

    Anyhow, I will have to re-activate the old v.3 working plugin for now, and we will have to manually edit the title lengths in the meantime. I will still be pushing for a solution, and if anyone has any ideas to why I can’t get this plugin working, the help would be appreciated.



    btw- i’m on WordPress 2.1 & bbPress 0.8.1

    FROM _bbtopics

    it seem to me your bb table prefix kinda mess up. Try check back inside option page. I also using wp 2.1.2 and bb 0.8.1, and still i can update my option :)

    Try deactive and reactive the plugin back .. maybe that gonna fix it.


    thanks i will keep that in mind :)

    Hey Atsutane,

    I tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin. Also tried re-uploading the plugin, and I am still running into the same issue.

    I’m not sure what to look for in the option page at this point. I will have to research some more. Any additional ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated.



    Hey Atsutane & Community,

    Figured it out. I re-read my post above and noticed something a askew in the line:


    It should be “bb_” and not “_bb”

    So I made a bit of an error when imputing in the options. Anyhow, Atsutane, thanks for an excellent plugin! It is one of my personal favorites.

    Our site is now live at There is still plenty of areas I have to clean up, but we were rushed to go public, and we were at least able to get up and running in firefox and ie6.

    Thanks for all the support! With out this community it would not have been possible.



    Glad it work perfectly for you :)

    Hey Atsutane,

    I had another question. I noticed that the members name only seems to appear next to users using nicknames. For example, if I add a nickname to a user, then the users name will appear next to the latest post. But if a new bbPress user who doesn’t use a Wpress nickname posts, then there name doesn’t show up next to the latest post. Any ideas?



    Think I just found a temporary fix. We have maybe 7 wordpress users that use display names. I don’t think that bbpress users can edit display names in the bbpress profile section, so this must of been why it was showing up blank when our bbPress users (not wp users) were posting in the forums. I fixed the issue by un-checking the “integrated with wordpress” check box on the bdLP options page.

    Our bbpress and wordpress users don’t switch sides so much, so it shouldn’t be to much of an issue.



    The fix i already put inside the plugin seem not working. :( Maybe in the future bbpress should automatically fill up the display_name

    Anyway i try to see what i can do with that.

    I’m just going to add onto this post with my error about the plugin.

    I edited the php at these two lines:

    $bbpath = ‘/forum’; // Adjust the path to suit your bbpress
    $forum_slimit = ’10’; // Adjust the limit to show

    uploaded the plugin into wp-content/plugin and then added

    <?php wp_bb_get_discuss_sidebar(); ?>

    to my sidebar. activated the plugin to get the following error:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 1]
    SELECT * FROM topics WHERE topic_status = 0 ORDER BY topic_time DESC LIMIT

    i still have the SMF forum that reads the forum topics with the line code:

    <?php include (‘/forum1/extern.php?action=active’);?>

    so i have no clue what I did wrong… i’m thinking maybe its something I didn’t edit. Also i keep hearing about a option page for the plugin and can’t seem to find it.

    With new version of plugin, u dont need to edit the file directly anymore. U can always get the new version from

    From what i can see. SELECT * FROM topics WHERE It seem the bb table prefix is missing. Maybe u miss the setting.

    I dont know what u mean by “i still have the SMF forum that reads the forum topics” but u can find the option page inside wordpress option under “BbLD Option”

    doh, thx i was thinking it was going to be added into the plugin (like Akismet) and not the options tab.

    and the part you didn’t know was me thinking that it might be interfering with my other forum topic reader for another board.

    Thx for the plugin support!

    add an updated install readme ;)

    Sorry my bad :) Forgot to update the readme file.

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