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Last Post date stamp

  • brightenyourview


    My client is asking why the date stamp on the main page of the forum doesn’t show the date and time of the last thing posted in the forum. Is there a way to have the top level show the date and time of the last posting that was done whether topic or reply?

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  • Chuckie


    This has already been raised and actively discussed here:

    Freshness doesn’t seem to update as quickly any more?

    Juha Metsäkallas



    I’m not sure, whether I have the same issue or a different one. I have simple forum structure with a forum list and every forum has a topic list. You may take a look at my forum list.

    The features

    • You don’t need to log in to read.
    • The first forum is read-only for all users except the admin.
    • Anyone can register and gets write-permission to all forums except the first one (Loginizer and Akismet in use).
    • The forum with most topics gets its topics from posts by the plugin “bbPress Topics for Posts“. Despite being old the plugin has worked flawlessly until the most recent update

    The issue

    • Some of the forums have kept displaying “juuri nyt” (just now) since the update, because some of their topics show the same freshness.

    What I have tried

    • recalculated everything
    • disabled the plugin “bbPress Topics for Posts” and recalculated everything
    • changed to the Twenty Twenty theme and recalculated everything

    but in vain. Is this caused/related by the bug #3297? Any pointers appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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