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Languages in bbPress

  • Adri Oosterwijk


    In my site I use two languages, English an Dutch. It took me a lot of time to get it running but after the install of the bbPress Multilingual plugin it seems fine. I have a translated forum.

    However the content of the topics are nit visible in both languages. Only in English or in Dutch. That depend on the page the topic is created. What I want is 1 forum, shown in the English AND in the Dutch site with the same topics.

    I’m running Worpress 4.1, bbPress 2.5.4, bbPress Multilingual 0.9. The translation is managed by WPML.

    Your advice please.

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  • Adri Oosterwijk


    Below the reaction I got from WPML.
    Forgive me but for me it is unthinkable that the most used forum plugin on the net 1,7 million downloads is still not WPML compatible.

    Are you taken actions to WPML to persuade them to shift gear on it?
    Here is the WPML reaction:


    Hello Adri

    Thank you for the Debug infos.

    Unfortunately I can not provide solutions for bbPress in use with WPML and WooCommerce by now.
    The Bridge Plugin isn’t supported at current time.

    Our DEV Team is working on a solution, but this will take time.

    For now the bbPress Plugin is considered as not compatible with WPML and also not compatible with WooCommerce Multilingual.

    I am happy you found a kind of workaround, though I assume you could encounter more issues later on using this plugin at current status of things.

    Regarding your last question, please refer to this DOC:

    Automatic Redirect Based on Browser Language

    The WPML Language Redirection based on browser language will “work” every 24 hours, unless you clean your cache of the browser.

    This is because if you take as example a visitor that has EN as browser language,
    but he wants to see your site in DE,
    he would not be able to see your DE site if WPML would ALWAYS redirect to the browser language.

    So WPML does only redirect the user once, and that cookie expires 24 hours after, or of course if you clean the browsers cache.

    I apologize that I can’t help much regarding the bbPress issues.

    It is in the ToDo list of the DEV Team.

    Thank you


    Adri Oosterwijk


    Anything new to know? Your reply please….

    Adri Oosterwijk


    It is really annoying that no one seems to bother…..
    bbPress is at this time not showing in the backend of the site, it does in the front end but in a wrong way.



    There are compatibility issues , there might be alternatives for a multilingual plugin or how you want to set up your site.

    Maybe setup two different domains for each language, and two different sets of forums.



    these spammers are pretty smart , it provides relevant information but then sneaks that spam link right at the end.

    Hi Adri,
    Sorry to come back on this thread, but I have some Dutch WP colleagues that can discuss WPML with you if you want to join on slack. Short procedure:
    • Login with your account on this link:
    • Scroll on that page ( to “Joining the WordPress team on Slack” and enter your email address
    • Check your email and you will have a “” account
    • Activate your account on
    • Use that created account on to signup to the Dutch WordPress community





    i am using wpml to translate language in my site, i need to translate BBPRESS plugin with wpml
    can anyone let me know how can i do this , i didn’t find any wpml addon for wpml.I need 3 language in site i.e EN,RU and LV. please reply me asap

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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