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  • I search and read probably everything about localization, but didn’t have any luck updating correctly bbpress.

    Where do i put/copy the .pot file. Is the .mo file necessary? Where do I copy that? I need a step by step tutorial on how to make the translation work.

    Thanks so much.

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  • Just upload the .mo file to bb-includes/languages and edit config.php:


    define(‘BBLANG’, ”);

    to suit your language, for example:

    define(‘BBLANG’, ‘es_ES’);

    (in this case, the .mo file is called

    Ok. What about the fact that the .mo file doesn’t contain all the words (translated) specific to bbpress?

    What’s the .pot file for?

    Can anybody help on this?

    If some strings are not translated it’s cause they are missing to be included nto the internationalization functions, and this is a bug, You can open a ticket on trac about untraslated strings so they will be corrects annd included into pot. file.

    For info about internationalizion and stuff you can refer to WordPress COdex searching for internationalizazion and localization, the info you will find there arcan be applied to bbpress also.

    What’s the difference between mo and pot file?

    .pot file contains only the string that need translation (ie english), .po file is the translation file that contains original strings and translated ones, that is compiled to generated .mo file.



    Where can I found language files? If there isn’t any language file for Norwegian, I would like to create one – but I need a file to base my file upon.

    I installed version succsessfully. Then I changed the config-file as written, before installing a .mo-file in /bb-includes/languages. The .mo file is based on the 0.8.3 bbpress.pot file. I´m pretty sure this is done correctly. But nothing happens. Same old english language everywhere. Any suggestions how to make the localization work – anybody ?



    I have started a forum at

    I created a folder in the bb-includes folder and called it languages. In it I placed the file (for Swedish) and changed the config.php to

    define(‘BBLANG’, ‘sv_SV’);

    But the forum is still in English, what did I do wrong? Please, help!

    Sam Bauers


    The filename and the BBLANG definition have to be the same.

    So should have:

    define(‘BBLANG’, ‘sv_SE’);



    Thank you sambauers! It works now.

    Doesn’t work overhere though:

    I put the file into


    changed the config file to:

    define(‘BBLANG’, ‘nl_NL’);

    and it doesn’t work.

    Maybe the config file, the .mo file and the language folder has to be setup before the installation. Anyway I reinstalled doing that and noe its working OK.

    Just upload the .mo file to bb-includes/languages and edit config.php:


    define(‘BBLANG’, ”);

    to suit your language, for example:

    define(‘BBLANG’, ‘es_ES’);

    (in this case, the .mo file is called

    Strange :-)

    I have a: “nl_NL” mo file in the folder: “my-languages” in the root of my installation of bbPress, and it just works just fine ;-)



    Thx, bruinfelix!

    I’ve read a post about installing languages into the bb-includes/languages folder in in bbpress, but it simply doesn’t work for me. I think it was an older version (not 1.0 RC, which I currently use). In the RC your setting was the good solution. (“my-languages” folder). And of course the editing of define(‘BBLANG’, ”); in the config.php.

    I have this problem now. I am doing a remake of the kakumei-theme and a have just got a hold on a, swedish that is, file witch I have copied into bbpress/my-languages.

    I have changed the bb-config.php string to

    define( ‘BB_LANG’, ‘sv_SE)’ );

    But nothing is happening, still english. What am i doing wrong? Does there need to be some bbpress template tag in the header that I accidentally deleted or something like that?

    Really need some input!

    Where can I find the .mo and .po-files for the Swedish translation?

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