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Language support question

  • Hi..

    I was wondering..

    When i’am ready with my WordPress/bbPress designs. what will happen when i change my language to Dutch in the wp-config.php en bb-config.php files?

    Will my entire site be in Dutch language and what will happen to my plugins?

    If a plugin doesn’t support Dutch language, will it crash or just work in English?

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  • zaerl


    The site will be in dutch and every string that’s not translated will be shown in english.

    If the plugin developer did include a dutch translation then it will be automatically translated following you bb-config setting or just revert to english.

    Keep in mind that you must download a dutch language file (.mo) and place it in the /my-languages/ folder in order to have your translation.

    If the plugin doesn’t export a dutch .mo file then you can translate it using the plugin .pot file. If the plugin doesn’t export a pot site well you can’t do anything apart asking the author.


    We gonna work on that tomorrow..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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