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Language files are ignored

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  • one more thing, I double, triple and quadro checked file and folder permissions. Nothing permission related.

    You are correct, the string Last comment, Topics/Replies are NOT bbPress strings, these strings will be in either the theme you are using with custom bbPress templates or a plugin you are using.

    As a side note, WordPress 3.9 and bbPress 2.5 and above versions no longer need define(‘WPLANG’, ‘tr_TR’); in wp-config.php, and coming in WordPress 4.1 you can select your language from in WordPress settings 🙂

    The biggest advantage of the above is translations will be included when you update WordPress or bbPress, the only condition to receive the language packs automatically is that the language pack is 100% translated, if that is the case then translations are automatically delivered. 🙂

    It would be amazing if you could help get the Turkish locale 100% for bbPress 🙂 If you use BuddyPress that would also be awesome, WordPress is already 100% 🙂

    Hello Stephen,

    Ok, I will do my best and add as much as translation I can.

    What about “by %2$s”, “replies” ?

    I am searching for “replies” and “by …” to translate, but I can’t find them. What is it that I am missing?

    I am pretty sure that will also be a string in the theme or plugin you are using, try searching for those strings in the theme or plugin you are using to modify bbPress. I’d also check with the author to see if they have setup the theme or plugin for translation.

    And thanks for offering to help translate bbPress 🙂



    i have same issue. i can’t find “by %2$s”, “replies” section to edit in my language.
    i’m using newspaper theme atm, and i can not change topics/ replies section too.

    Cagatay, i checked your site and we’r using same theme. if you have any idea or find any solution how turkish can work on our forums, please let me know. And we can cooperate to solve that mindcrack problem.



    and 1 more question @belgen

    how did you disable breadcrumbs. i can’t find root link problem solve. So i want to disable breadcrumbs too. Root breadcrumb link does not show real root folder.

    @siktirella (güzel nickmiş :)) please put your url.

    if I understood correctly, Stephen suggests “by %2$s”, “replies” are meant to be translated through theme’s po files.

    still no luck. There are no corresponding translation fields in theme’s translation files. I disabled all bbpress plugins (except core), but still no luck.
    I contacted theme author regarding this issue, as soon as I receive a reply I will share here.

    it is a good idea to work together. Please share your contact details.



    @belgen i don’t want to write down contact info here, u can find me via twitter @insaatdunyasi

    @siktirella sitedeki mesaj formu çalışmıyor, tweetterdan mesaj atamıyorum, telefon yok, eposta yok… 20 dkdır iletişim kuracam diye saçımı başımı yoldum.. 🙂



    @belgen 🙂 sitenin mesaj bölümü yok ondan iletişim bilgisi gönderemiyorum burada ulu orta. [removed] mail atarsan geri dönüş yaparım

    I found these two documents, do you see the strings to translate here?

    If not you’ll need to wait for the theme authors response to your question.



    Hi everyone. I am currently working on a Turkish site which uses Buddypress as well.
    The translation here seems to be a great start, but it seems to be incomplete as well:

    Do you by any chance know of a more complete version (if I understand correctly. Cagatay has combined multiple ressources / “I download bbpress turkish files from various sources”)

    Would you mind sharing your language files with me? Maybe we can alspo work together in translating the remaining fields so we all end up with a complete set in the Turkish language.
    All the best.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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