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Issue with Vbuliten Converion

  • JoeMadden1989



    While trying to convert my Vbuliten forum into bbpress when i hit the conversion button the starting conversion appears but unfortunally nothing accully happeneds. I could have entered bogus database connections detials and still get the same results. With correct results its stuck on the same part with no database progress.

    Thank you for any ideas.


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    What version of vBulletin are you converting from?
    What part is it stuck on or is it just not starting?

    That is the key is to ensure you have the correct values for each of these:

    Select Platform – vBulletin
    Database Server IP or hostname
    Database Port Use default 3306 if unsure
    Database Name Name of the database with your old forum data
    Database User User for your database connection
    Database Password Password to access the database
    Table Prefix

    Have a look in your vBulletin config file which should be in your vb install /includes/config.php



    I’m having the exact same issue, but instead of importing the vbulletin database directly from vbulletin server, I have exported the vbulletin database as a sql file and imported it over to a new database that I have created on my server where my WordPress and BBPress installation exist. I have entered the following to each of the import fields:

    Platform: vBulletin
    Database Server IP or hostname: localhost
    Database Port Use: 3306
    Database Name: [entered correct db name]
    Database User: [entered correct db user]
    Database Password: [entered correct db password]
    Table Prefix: blank

    Once I click the start button, it will show “Starting Conversion” but just hangs there, any idea what I’m doing wrong?



    I am hosted on 1&1. If you are too the hostname must probably include the socket.

    Besides that, are you sure you have no table prefix? My Vbulletin tables all start with vb_


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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