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Is there a theme…

  • llabrealityblog


    that matches’s “Fjords” theme?

    If not, could somebody please make one? I have almost zero experience with CSS. Hell, I’ve just mastered HTML!

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  • It’s unlikely that someone will stumble onto this and feel like making one, so if you just learnt HTML I recommend you keep your momentum and roll onto CSS; it’s a breeze, and a pleasantly cool one with Firebug. Just copy the style.css file from bb-templates/kakumei to my-templates/fjords, change the info at the top and mess around with the numbers and properties. Anything you want to know you can see at .



    Oh, um. I use Internet Explorer because Firefox gave me a virus once.

    I’ll try FF again if it makes CSS that much easier, though.

    Firefox gave you a virus? or something you downloaded with firefox?

    Anyway, It’s not really about what browser you use, even if you use FF, a lot of people will use Internet Explorer. So you have to make your CSS work with both.

    Developing with firefox is easier, specially with firebug, web developer and IETab extensions. You might want to give those a spin with your firefox.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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