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Is it possible to send an administrative PM to all members by using bbPM?

  • I really sorry to repeat my question, but its my dead need.

    It can be called Mass PM to specific Recipient group (Register users or specific users), and they will get this pm to their inbox/thread separately.

    Just Admin can do So.

    Please see the screenshot to understand the idea.

    I hope Ben L. will write here more about it.

    If he could help, I would greatly appreciate it.



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  • citizenkeith


    Are you using integration with WP? Deep? What version of bbPress are you using?

    I don’t have answers for you, but if anybody is going to help you, they will need that information.

    Thanks citizenkeith,

    But I don’t think this information is required.

    I wish if this functionality could be added in bbPress standalone version.

    And this will be an extra option in bbPM plugin.

    In case of if this information is required then,

    I’m using latest wp, bbpress 1.0.2

    Not deep integration,

    Just Share Database and Shared Users.

    Not – Cookies Integration.



    “I don’t think this information is required.”

    You know bro, this is partly why we find it so hard to help you.

    I posted the solution to this a few months ago, you can search for it via tags or my profile; but the answer is:

    Lots of people + private message = what email is for

    The required code is on my other post

    I did not find your post yet, link please?

    Ben L.


    On the settings page, there is a new section where you can send a private message to every user on the forum. You automatically unsubscribe from the threads after they are created and inbox size restrictions do not apply.

    Download the .zip here.

    Really thanks Ben L. :-)

    You are a genius person, I know you can do it.

    Let me check it, stay connect.

    Excellent work! that exactly what I want. Thanks again,

    Two more questions!

    1- Is it possible when a global message sent then users will not able to see the “Reply” Link?

    2- I got emails of replies after 24 hours from other PM not from global message. Is this because of global message?

    It will be awesome if you can add two more radio button options right below the global message.. where admin can choose

    o – Users will not able to reply this global message. ( Unsubscribed and disable “Reply” link )


    o – Users can reply this global message. ( Subscribed for global message )

    it will be good for both who wants

    A feedback or not from global messages.

    Thanks you again!!



    Lots of people + private message = what email is for

    The required code is on my other post

    I did not find your post yet, link please?

    Type into google: “all email”

    Top answer:

    [edited by chrishajer at pagal’s request]

    @kevinjohngallagher I want to add this function in bbPM. please read again my topic’s title

    And I don’t want to use any other plugin/email-services/phpmyadmin.

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