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Is bbPress What I Need?

  • I need to add a forum to my site, and I am narrowing down which software to use. bbPress would offer the easiest integration into my site, but I need to know how much ability I have over tracking users posts and if there is an ability to have user uploadable content.



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  • chrishajer


    What do you want to track about users posts? What sort of tracking?

    And what type of content do you want users to be able to upload? I know of ways to embed video, embed images (both those are hosted somewhere else) and then there is bb Attachments to allow people to actually upload content onto your server. it was incompatible with 1.0 (the latest version) but I think that’s been fixed now.

    From a management perspective, vBulletin has tons more functionality and control over the forum. Ironically, I integrated a vBulletin forum with WordPress last week and it took about the same time/work as integrating bbPress (it’s basically just a wordpress plugin).

    If all you want is a “light” forum then bbpress is definitely the way to go, because vBulletin can feel quite heavy sometimes, especially if you don’t benefit from all the features (attaching files is built in).


    Is there a plugin for vBulletin that allows it to share a login with our wordpress site?



    I agree with Raize. I’ve used several forum application.

    bbPress is my favorite due to simplicity.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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