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Is bbPress right for me?

  • Secretmapper


    Hello. I was reviewing free php forums and came upon bbPress. I have had great experiences with WordPress, so the idea of a “wordpressy” forum got me.

    However, I just want to know from you guys is it good? If I understand correctly bbPress is quite new, so can you say it can compete with, say, phpBB?

    Also, I am planning to integrate a LOT of features for my forum, as I am aiming to make a roleplaying forum, with characters, and weapons and all that jazz. Would bbPress make it easy for me to do those? For any of you have created plugins for bbPress, how developer-friendly do you think it is?

    Here I am, hoping for your replies. Thank you.

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  • Lynq


    bbPress is a wordpress plugin, for me personally I love it, everything I can do in wordpress I can then bring into my forum. If you have ever developed any wordpress plugins then bbPress will be a good choice for developing something custom inside a forum.

    Some small things aren’t quite there yet as default, but there is usually a way to solve it using plugins or community suggestions. I would say the biggest selling point for me using bbPress is the way you can customise it using the power of wordpress, you don’t get that with many if any other forum solutions.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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