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Integration with WishList Member

  • swdesign


    I am hoping someone here can help me or shed some light on what we can do about this. We have the WishList Member plugin installed, setup and running. It was not until then that we realized that despite the fact you can assign specific forums to each level any topics created by members with access to that level will not inherit that protection.

    This means that if member A has access to Forum A by being a member of Level A in WishList member and creates a new Topic, lets say ‘A’. Topic A is now visible to the entire world and not just members with access to Level A. Hope that makes sense.

    You can go into the WishList Member settings and protect that topic correctly after the fact, but that is a manual step for each and every topic that members create. That is definitely not going to work long term.

    I am hoping someone has some ideas on what we can do about this. I have contacted WishList Member and they say despite the fact they say the ‘integrate’ with bbPress they do not support this. Which I think is a cop out, since you can go in afterwards and protect the topics…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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