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Integrating bbPress with Page issues

  • tw_crowther


    WordPress Version: 4.3.1
    Theme: Omega
    bbPress Version: 2.5.8

    Issue: I installed the bbPress plug-in. Created a Forum called Forum, and created one Topic so I can test. All bbPress settings are left as default.

    I created a Page called Forums and added this page to my site navigation.

    My issues are 3 fold.
    1) When I click on “Forum” in the site navigation to access the page I created I do not see any forum imbedded on this page, all I see is are the words “Archives” then the title “Forums” in the main body of text.
    2) If I click on the title Forums this does direct me to the bbPress Forum I created – How do I integrate the Forum directly onto the “Forums” custom page I created?
    3) I notice the Forum URL is <sitename>/forums/forum/forum/ is there a way to remove 2 of these levels so the URL is simply <sitename>/forums

    I hope this makes sense and you are able to help.
    Kind regards,

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  • Robkk


    You can just create a custom link to the forum if you only have 1 forum, instead of creating a page.

    You can remove the root slug in Settings > Forums, and rename the default forum slug there too if you want. I think you should just not name your forum “forum” though.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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