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Installing with IP Subdomain

  • Can you install BBPress using an IP Subdomain (example: http://111.111.111~directory)? I’m working for a client who wants to get their new site set-up before switching over their existing domain name. I’m wondering: can I install BBPress using the IP address or should I wait for the domain transfer? If I can install now using the IP subdomain, what are the implications for the install when the domain transfer goes through?

    I’m planning a BBPress integration with WordPress, which I have installed and customized nicely and don’t want to mess-up at this point or else I’d go for it with BBPress and see what happens. Does anyone have experience with this issue they can share?


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  • The only place that you specify the domain of your bbPress installation is in the config.php file. If you change over to a domain name, you just change the path in config.php and you should be up and running again. As for installing with an IP address, I haven’t tried it and wonder if anyone else has tried. Might leave it for another to answer.

    Integrating with wordpress requires a little work, but if you click on the ‘documentation’ tab in the forum, there is a detailed description of getting it working with the same users and cookies from wordpress. The integration of style has a couple of posts here on the front page that seem to work well. Integrating will not screw up WP at all since the ‘integration’ is really having bbPress use the WP users and metatable in the database and has no real effect on it.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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