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Indicate unread posts on forums

  • monstr


    is it somehow possible to mod one of the “indicate new post” plugins, so that a icon shows up beside the forum name on index page?

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  • _ck_


    After some thought, it occurs to me I could make some (optional) code that would pre-check all the read topics lists for a user and see if the last topic had changed, and then build a list of forums affected.

    Interesting challenge, I might give it a shot.



    Okay version 0.8.7 of this can now indicate forums with new posts:

    You will have to change the optional setting to true near the top of the plugin.

    It defaults to highlighting the title in blue but you can also change the css to append an icon, etc. instead.



    haha jehaw, this rocks! :) thank you

    is there a option that lets you disable the thingy for the topics? i’m using the other plugin flying around here, because i want the topics to be also indicated when you have not posted to them before…

    e: okay, i did this in css now, by simply giving the forums a different class and excluding the style for the topics. well i think there is a better solution somehow :D

    e: the coolest solution would be your plugin having a setting wich you can activate so that the topics & forums are also marked if you didn’t post to them before. perhaps you could do this :)

    thank you alot for this so far. i really was praying someone would do this :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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