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Increasing max characters allowed in the body of a post

  • envybaergggg


    Hey guys! I’m sure this is a quick php edit or something, but it seems when creating a new thread or replying to one on my bbpress forums, if the post contains over about 300 characters, the entire post gets eaten…and sort of becomes this phantom post. It’s really disheartening as you can imagine and I’ve literally scoured my WP files looking for a way to change this limit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Robkk


    I don’t think there is a character limit when you post a reply or topic with more than 300 characters.

    Check to see if it could be some spam plugin with a feature for this, or a custom theme feature by doing the listed plugin and theme troubleshooting.



    Hey there. Your response obviously makes sense because I haven’t seen anyone seem to have this issue. I’ve been searching all over for the past couple days and literally no one mentions this. I’ve attempted to disable all plugins, they aren’t the issue. I’ve disabled my current theme (Oblivion), and it doesn’t seem to be what’s causing it.

    The exact problem I’m having is when you go to post a topic or reply that’s less than 300 characters, it shows up fine. When you go to post anything over, the page just redirects back to you creating the topic and the forum or topic is still empty / has no replies. As far as posts go, I know they’re being saved somewhere also, because it won’t let me create another identical one. Even if it get’s “eaten” it says I’ve posted that exact thing before…:/

    Pascal Casier


    Just some things to check:
    – Do you see the topic in the backend, so it’s it really created?
    – When you say ‘all plugins’, did you also disable security and spam plugins?
    – Did you clear all your cache on server and client?

    If you have a public site, could you post the link so we can have a try in e.g. a public forum?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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