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Importing from WP-Forum / ForumPress

  • I have a new installation of bbPress 2.0 working great, and it’s really nice.

    However, I’m trying to migrate data from a plugin called WP-Forum 1.7 which apparently is listed as ForumPress. I can’t find much detail about this at all.

    It looks like this may be a fork off WP-Forum-Server, but I can’t find much help online anywhere on how to migrate this. SimplePress has a WP-Forum 2.2 converter, but it doesn’t appear to be online. The WP-Forum plugin creates a different structure of tables:

    INSERT INTO wp_forum_posts (id, text, parent_id, date, author_id, subject, views) VALUES


    INSERT INTO wp_forum_threads (id, parent_id, views, subject, date, status, closed, mngl_id, starter, last_post) VALUES

    for example.

    Although I’m somewhat familiar with the database, I haven’t found an EASY way to manually export/import to the bbPress use of Posts, etc.

    Anyone know more about this or have any pointers? Thanks!


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  • ortixia


    Were you successful in this Brandon? I am looking to do the same thing but have found no information as of yet.

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