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Importing bbpress forum

  • mtedwards



    I thought this topic might help me.

    I am trying to export a forum from an existing WordPress that has been running just as a forum and import it into our main site (which is a news site). So everything will be hosted in the one spot.

    Everytime I try the built wordpress export / import I get Forums and Replies but I don’t see any of the topics. Any ideas? Or possible work arounds? Happy to do it all in mySQL if that is a solution.

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  • mtedwards


    Sorry… final line so I can subscribe to updates by email.

    I moved your topic to a new thread as it isn’t related to the one you replied to.

    I presume you are meaning the built in WordPress Export tool /wp-admin/export.php

    I presume you are you exporting ‘All Content’ rather than forums, topics, replies individually?

    After you have performed the import do you run the bbPress’ repair tools?

    How about I close this topic and we can keep it all in this single topic 😉

    Moving to a new WordPress site

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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