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Moving to a new WordPress site

  • mtedwards


    Hi Guys,

    I am moving a medium sized forum from one WordPress site to another existing site.

    Everytime I use the WordPress exporter / Importer it works, but is missing the Topics. I have tried doing it on a database level but keep over writing existing data on the current site.

    I’ve noticed there is a specific forum importer but doesn’t offer any import from current bbpress 2 forums.

    Any advice?


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  • I presume you are meaning the built in WordPress Export tool /wp-admin/export.php

    I presume you are you exporting ‘All Content’ rather than forums, topics, replies individually?

    After you have performed the import do you run the bbPress’ repair tools?



    HI Stephen,

    Yes I was using the WordPress export tool.

    I have both tried exporting ‘All Content’ and forums, topics and replies individually. (The second only twice as its rather tedious manually mapping the users to their posts).

    I have also checked the state before the repair tools, and then I have run them. Both end with out success.

    Is there any thing else you could suggest?


    The actual export file filename.xml is just a structured flat file format so you should be able to have a look inside that and confirm if the actual ‘topics’ are included in the file itself.

    This would make sure you know that the export is correctly exporting everything you expect and then if that is correct then start diagnosing why the topics are not importing.



    Thanks Stephen,

    I finally got it by doing it all manually at a database level.

    Incrementing all of the users, posts, post_meta etc then merging them into the existing database. A little time consuming but got me there in the end and that all that matters really.


    Great, thanks for the follow up.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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