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Import phpbb3 custom profile fields

  • mglasser


    Does the importer handle the custom profile fields in phpbb3, sepcifically the functionality in version 3.10+? Phpbb3 now allows admins to create new custom profile fields, beyond the ones listed as imported kept in phpbb3_users. There are at least 4 related tables, starting with <phpbb3_profile_fields…>.

    Is it correct to think these custom profile fields should go into BuddyPress xprofile fields, or should they go into wp_meta (?) during bbpress import? If you happen to know, is there a way to import phpbb3 custom profile fields into BuddyPress if that is the appropriate target?

    Thanks, Mike

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  • The current phpBB importer only imports ‘extra’ user fields from the phpbb_users table.

    The following custom profile fields are what is currently imported, we store these in wp_usermeta

    		// Store ICQ (Stored in usermeta)
    			'from_fieldname' => 'user_icq',
    		// Store MSN (Stored in usermeta)
    			'from_fieldname' => 'user_msnm',
    		// Store Jabber
    			'from_fieldname' => 'user_jabber',
    		// Store Occupation (Stored in usermeta)
    			'from_fieldname' => 'user_occ',
    		// Store Interests (Stored in usermeta)
    			'from_fieldname' => 'user_interests',
    		// Store Signature (Stored in usermeta)
    			'from_fieldname' => 'user_sig',
    		// Store Location (Stored in usermeta)
    			'from_fieldname' => 'user_from',
    		// Store Avatar Filename (Stored in usermeta)
    			'from_fieldname' => 'user_avatar',

    The current implementation needs to explicitly named fields to import them, so having the import support custom named fields is not available to be used at this time, one day hopefully.

    With that said, with a list of fields names and the tables the fields are stored in these can easily be added to a customized phpBB importer.

    As to where to send these fields, if you are using BuddyPress, XProfile would be the ideal place to have these. Our importer doesn’t handle this though, again, maybe one day we can add something in BuddyPress to import ‘extra’ profile fields from bbPress. Probably the key thing here is we can get all your phpBB profile fields imported into wp_usermeta and then with a bit of MySQL these could be copied over to the BuddyPress XProfile table and everything would be awesome. 🙂

    EDIT: As all I’ve been doing the past ~5 days is working on the importers we do actually store the old phpBB user_id so mapping the old users after an import back to the old phpBB database should also not be an issue once bbPress 2.6 is released 🙂

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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