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Import now Admin is Anonymous

  • Shaped Pixels


    I went to use a plugin FG Joomla to WordPress with the Kunena plugin addon to import all my Joomla users into WordPress, plus the Kunena forum posts (3000+). Most went fine but I noticed that my admin user on the Joomla site was turned into Anonymous with no link to a profile. All my post replies are now done by Anonymous.

    Is there a way to change this Anonymous to my admin user and be linked to the profile? I went to look in the database, but I do not see where bbpress posts and post user names are.

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  • Barry


    Forums, topics and replies live in the posts table (typically wp_posts but the prefix might be different in your case). Something like this may help:

    UPDATE wp_posts
    SET    post_author = 1
    WHERE  post_author = 0
    AND    post_type IN ( 'reply', 'topic' )

    Essentially it finds all replies and topics where the author ID is zero and updates them to be associated with some other user (I used user ID 1 in my example, obviously modify to suit).

    Shaped Pixels


    WOW….that worked! That just saved me a lot of big headaches!
    Thanks Barry for that; and yes the prefix was different for mine.



    Excellent, happy to hear it helped 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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