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Import issues, not syncing correctly

  • Shelly


    I have imported all the forums, topics and replies on a dev site using wp import. Everything got imported but for some reason they were not connecting when you viewed the forum. The counts were there but the replies and topics were not showing up in the forums. I did the Tools but all that did was reset the counts to 0 in the forums and removed all the parent forums from the topics. Also, it is showing I have replies but there’s nothing on the page when I go to review them in Replies.

    Please help! What can I do to rectify this as I have reset this forum once already due to importing issues. I don’t want to spend the time importing again if I can help it or go through thousands of topics and resetting the parent forums.

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  • gipsypainter


    I have the same exact problem:

    Using WP import I have imported a large BBPress forum using split XML files. All imports went fine (no stalls or errors on import, apparently).

      The Forum, Topic and reply counts are fine in the Forum list.
      All the Topics are showing in the dashboard—but not associated with any of the imported Forums.
      And no REPLIES are showing in the Dashboard Forum Reply page.
      However, the replies DO seem to be in teh actual Database.
      And as with “mjknight02” above when I use the Forum repair tools all it does is reset6 the Forum counts back to “0”.
      I did a second clean import on a new WP and BBpress Install with the same issues.
      This time instead of the Forum tools I tried a simple change in fourm edit page and the save did the same thing–Resetting the Forum Dashobard page count to “0”.

    Thanks for any help. Really trying to revive an old art forum with tons of useful info from many artists.


    Yin Jin


    WP import is not working properly. After import, you need to set mappings between topics and replies.




    How do you “set mappings between topics and replies”? Thanks



    I am having the same issue – did you find a way to fix this?!

    Robin W


    I am not a bbpress author, just someone who helps out here.

    Moving bbpress between sites is surprisingly difficult.

    This is because bbpress is so tightly integrated into WordPress.

    This gives 2 main issues:

    1. Users – bbpress stores topic and reply authors as their WordPress user ID number. So unless the all the bbpress authors users on the source site a) exist on the target site and b) have exactly the same ID numbers on the target site, then imports can have issues.

    2. bbpress users WordPress Custom post types and the WordPress Posts table. This means that bbpress forums, topics and replies are not in a separate table, but integrated into posts and pages table. Many plugins use this method. So on the source site a fourm might have a post ID of say 168, but on the target site post 168 might already exist as say a page. So on import WordPress importer will just allocate it the next ID number in the posts table, lets say 265. Now when topic belonging to the forum 168 on the source site is imported it still thinks it belongs to a forum with a post ID of 168, but this is already allocated to a page, so the topic is not listed as belonging to any known forum. The same applies to topics and replies.

    I’ll post more on this later, but that outlines why it is not working



    @bethgee It’s been a long time since I did that site but I ended up hiring an expert database person go through it and fix everything. It was a huge move with 1,000s of comments. In the end, it still wasn’t 100% correct as there were some replies still missing that even the database person couldn’t fix. It was a huge fiasco and will never use BBpress again – at least move it from one site to another. Sorry I can’t be more help.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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