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Import from 1.1 to 2 – author problem

  • Morgan Kay


    I have an old site with a HUGE forum (almost 400,000 topics) in bbPress 1.1. I’m importing it into 2.2.4. I’m doing this on a site that has been running the bbPress integration plugin, which means that (in theory, anyway) the old 1.1 site and the new WP site I’m importing into already have the same users.

    So here’s the problem: after importing the forum, all of the posts on the new forum have the same author – me. So the import script apparently didn’t import the authors.

    Has anyone run into this before? Is there a fix?

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  • I have not tried an install/migration of a bbPress 1.1 site that use or nor have I used the ‘bbPress Integration Plugin’

    With that plugin are the users stored in the WordPress `wp_users` table or bbPress’ `bb_users` table?

    In theory if the users are stored in WordPress’ user table you should not need to import the users and if the users are stored in bbPress’ users table you should import the users.

    Morgan Kay


    They are all stored in the wp_users table.
    The plugin page is here:

    I also noticed that after the import, the forums/user/## doesn’t show the information that is stored in the user’s profile (eg avatar, website, etc). This is all stored in wp_usermeta in the integration plugin.

    I’ve also also noticed that if I leave the integration plugin active while doing the import, the new forums don’t appear to work (eg, I go to /forums/ and it says there are no forums)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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