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Import Forums Fatal Error

  • Halo Diehard


    WordPress Version: 3.4.2
    bbPress Version: 2.2.2
    Theme: Custom Community

    Hello, I am considering changing my site from phpBB3 forums to bbPress to better integrate with my WordPress home page.

    I’m attempting to Import my forums into my test site, on another database, to test bbPress’ “Import Forums”. I’ve filled out all the necessary information, but the first time I ran it I got messages at the bottom that 0 Members had been imported 0 posts, etc all the way down the line. I tried running it again and I get this message:

    “Fatal error: Class ‘Example’ not found in /homepages/33/d410891000/htdocs/THEMETEST/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/admin/converter.php on line 1291”

    I’ve attempted to reset the process by choosing to Purge Previous Import and save, then Start Over and save, but I continue to get the same message when I try to import.

    I tried to resolve this on my own, but I searched for an hour online before I even found that bbPress has an importer built in! Unfortunately stuff from the last five years had priority in the search. Also, I could not find a search on this site, so I started Googling “ import forums” but still no answers, so any help would be appreciated.

    One more thing: I don’t have so many members that I couldn’t create their accounts myself if I *had* to, so if anyone knows of an easier way to just import the forums and posts, that might work.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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  • Make sure you select ‘phpBB’ with the ‘import forums tool’ option ‘Select Platform’

    Check out the brief docs here

    The import works pretty well for the base of phpBB migration for users, forums, topics & replies.

    Halo Diehard


    Yeah, I made sure that phpBB was selected. I was just now re-checking over everything again and I see that my database has two User ID’s, one attached to the database and one for FTP. Assuming this process works like FTP I then made sure to run it again with the user name I have for accessing via FTP and I get the first message:

    “Repair any missing information: Continue

    Conversion Complete

    No replies to convert

    No tags to convert

    No topics to convert

    No forum parents to convert

    No forums to convert

    No passwords to clear

    No users to convert

    Starting Conversion

    I’ve even tried it by replacing “localhost” with my database’s Host Name. Same result. I double-checked that Database Port is the default, 3306, yep.

    Do you know which User Name I’m supposed to be using? The one that has my database id in it, or the one I use for FTP?

    Also, does anybody know what it does if your FTP password is incorrect?

    Halo Diehard


    Ok, it looks like it’s converting. Here is what I had to do for 1and1 hosting:

    In Import Forum settings, make sure your “Database Server” is filled in, use the Database User attached to your database, not your FTP User Name, and you should be good to go 🙂

    Now to have someone take a look at my first forum page and tell me if that’s what it’s supposed to look like…

    Thanks for your encouragement, Stephen, the “well, it’s supposed to work” is what kept me at it!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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