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Import bbPress 2.5.4 Forum into WordPress 4.1

  • Carl Fox


    I have tried EVERYTHING!

    Nothing works!

    All forums/topics/replies/users are imported, nothing shows up anywhere on the front end.

    All forum repair tools do NOTHING.

    I have tried this on single site, multisite and local site, I have rebuilt everything from scratch and tried it, I have rolled back the original forum (also WP 4.1/ bbPress 2.5.4) and reinstalled it’s backup, then tried exporting/importing again, NOTHING WORKS!

    As you can guess, I’m pretty fed up.

    I started trying this in October, still trying. Followed all the threads here, most of which trail off with no solutions, or end with ‘I got it to work!’, and ‘We’re glad you solved it.’ type postings – which is really infuriating.

    Stephen posted months ago that an import option for bbPress 2 would be easy to implement and quickly done, no sign of it – or Stephen anymore.

    Is bbPress dead now?

    Seriously, most of the documentatation relates to ancient WordPress versions, and bbPress 1.

    Really, I’m not kidding, have you guys read the bbPress installation guide lately?

    Anyway, I know I’m ranting, but I am extremely pee’d off. I’m no novice, all I want is correct documetation. A guide that finishes maybe? How about a proper step-by-step guide on how to manually do an importation via phpMyAdmin – as none of the current tools manage to work.

    Somebody, for the love of all mankind, please help!!!

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  • Robkk



    why would you want to import the newest version of a bbPress posts into WordPress when they should already show up fine, like a regular bbPress install??

    i understand importing the standalone version of bbPress which is 1.0x and to import that into the newer version so that it could work better with WordPress.

    are you trying covert topics to actual blog posts?? or something to that nature??

    Is bbPress dead now?

    no its not dead , consider it in the shadows ….like Batman haha

    Robin W


    Really, I’m not kidding, have you guys read the bbPress installation guide lately?

    I wrote all the step by step stuff, so it’s fine with bbpress 2.5.4

    I appreciate that you are frustrated, but perhaps you’d like to start by telling us what you are trying to do rather than just rant.

    And why have you been trying for over 4 months, but this is your first post here?

    Robin W


    Just to be clear, I’m expecting

    I have a forum on xx running version yy of bbpress, and am trying to move it to zz.

    I did

    Dashboard>tools>forums>export from the xx and then vv to the new site

    The issue I have is……

    Can you help me ?

    Carl Fox



    why would you want to import the newest version of a bbPress posts into WordPress when they should already show up fine, like a regular bbPress install??

    The above makes no sense to me, anyone else? Did you read what I wtrote, or just the headline?

    I am trying to import an entire forum (forums/topics/replies) from one WordPress install to another.

    This should be simple, as Stephen Edgar wrote, it should be a standard option on the ‘Import Forums’ tab under ‘Tools’, but it’s not.

    He also wrote that it would soon be implemented and really should be a simple process…. months ago!


    Apologies Robin if I wasn’t clear.

    I have a forum on a WordPress 4.1 install located on a live test server.
    (oxymoron? – I know, but that’s how I develop, consider it a sandlot)

    I am running version 2.5.4 of bbpress, and am trying to move it to a different WordPress installation, also 4.1.

    I did not do:
    Dashboard>tools>forums>export from the WP 4.1/bbPress 2.5.4 because there is no such option

    I did do:
    As advised on this forum and elsewhere, Dashboard>Tools>Export-Forums/Topic/Replies individually.(I did also try them all together, but this didn’t work at all..)

    Then I imported them individually in order Forums/Topic/Replies.

    This imports everything to the backend perfectly fine, but nothing shows on the front end.

    I then followed the Forum repair procedures in many different forms (e.g.: one at a time/different order/all together) and still nothing shows on the front end.

    As I said, I have tried this entire procedure in many ways now, both to standalone single site WP installs, Multisite setups, local WP installs and subdomains/subfolders, and regardless of how I do it, I never see anything on the Front End of the site I import to – but everything is perfectly visible and editable on the back end.

    As for the ‘four months’, it has taken me that long, on and off, to follow all the various scraps of advice from around this forum on importing/migrating bbPress to different locations/installs, there are a lot of threads here covering many scenarios, and I tried most of them.

    It is my experience that this is best practice on a support forum, otherwise I would rightly be told not to post about something that has already been discussed/solved.

    I can now confidently inform you that there is no solution on this forum for my particular issue and would greatly appreciate your advice/help in finding a solution.

    May I suggest two things though, which I feel would solve this issue for anyone going forward.

    1) Please do develop the promised import option for bbPress 2.x forums in the Tools>Import Forums tab.

    2) Please also post a step-by-step guide for manually adding bbPress tables via phpMyAdmin

    Can you help me ?

    Robin W


    ok, thanks for the clarification.

    You say that everything is working on the backend – this would suggest that the import is fine, and maybe that something else is affecting.

    It could be a theme or plugin issue


    Deactivate all but bbpress and see if this fixes. if it does, re-enable one at a time to see which is causing the error.


    If plugins don’t pinpoint the problem, as a test switch to a default theme such as twentytwelve, and see if this fixes.

    Then come back !



    I am having the same problem. I’ll try to be less ranty about it, but it’s definitely frustrating.

    I am importing a forum from a wordpress 4.1/bbPress 2.5.4 install on an old site to a wordpress 4.1/bbPress 2.5.4 on a new site. There’s no way to do this from the Import Forum screen, so I also have done this via the standard WordPress Export/Import tool as suggested.

    In my case, content shows up on the back end, but not on the front end. Also, accessing the Replies page on the back end results in a segmentation fault on the server. Taking these steps with no plugins and default theme has the same results.

    Like the original poster here, I would love to find what is the correct import procedure to just move a bbPress install from one site to another.



    try the wordpress importer plugin and see if that works i recommend doing it on a local test site though.

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