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Import BB data from CSV file to bbPress forum

  • harpeml



    I am new to the WordPress world and setting up my first experimental site inside my company. I want to move a blog/forum from an old home grown system to a new bbPress forum. I do not need to carry over replies; just the topics, write ups, author, and tags. I have all of the information in a spreadsheet. Assuming all of the old authors have accounts in the new WordPress, is there a way to import the topics and their metadata? I see importers for some specific BBs but nothing for just a generic data file.

    Thanks much for any suggestions,
    Mike Harper

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  • Frank


    I know it’s been a few years, but this is the closest I found to an answer. I am trying do what you all did here, but I have a twist. I need parent forums. I tried the post_parent on the csv file and it didn’t work, it just create a 404 error where the url was a bunch of numbers. Changed the permalinks, nothing.
    I also tried another importer, but got half way and it started locking up – php memory errors.
    I am trying import a few thousand lines in each csv file.
    Has anyone been able to find a solution or fix?



    I realise this is an old thread too but it does seem to be the place to discuss this.

    I’ve spent many days / weeks trying to import my forums from a Concrete5 system to Bbpress. I have converted them to CSV but importing is failing every time.

    I created the files from a combination of MySQL export and manual entry, to replicate the Github examples.

    I’ve also tried exporting numerous examples, editing and re-importing them to no avail.

    I’m using WP All Export and WP All Import. I’ve had great success in migrating my (11,000) Users but I can’t get Topics and Replies to work. When I Import Topics, they seem to be in the correct Forum but they are not visible. If I run a repair operation, the forum changes to “0”. If I edit a topic and save it (before running a repair operation) it appears in the forum (of course, I’m selecting the forum from the dropdown so it would).

    I would also like to query whether the date and time formats are correct in the CSV files linked to in Github because they are different in each file?

    I would really appreciate help with this. I have been trying to migrate my websites and forums out of Concrete5 for well over a year and it is a huge issue for me. There’s no exporter so there is a lot of ‘exporting from database and manually editing’ to do, alongside scraping my own websites. I can’t overstate the amount of effort I’m putting into this migration, with an aim to help other Concrete5 users to do the same.

    I have also done a lot fo work with trying to import using ‘example.php’ but the C5 database is extremely convoluted and also my php skill level is not high, I’m just trying to run a good music website for my members 🙂

    All help and pointers will be appreciated. Many thanks!



    Hi All,

    I’m spending another weekend desperately trying to migrate my forum by importing by any method (preferably CSV but I’m willing to try almost anything at this point because I’m now having to transfer each member manually as they sign up on the former site).

    Converting out to CSV took many weeks of research an effort, I thought that importing would be a breeze does anyone have any suggestions please?

    Or a way for bbpress to recognise the Topics I have imported would help. I can see the topics in the backend and it says they are in the correct forum but I can’t get them to show on the front end (I’ve tried all the usual repair methods and the result is that they no longer say that they are in any forum).

    Many thanks!



    Hi All,

    I’ve spent the last 10 hours 36 minutes trying to import a few topics into my forum from CSV. I’ve tried many different techniques and plugins. I am updating this because maybe it will help someone, or you might be able to help me.

    I’m assuming that Stephen’s method worked when he posted it. It appears to me that post_parent does not behave as it used to. I have used Stephen’s files from Github and imported them into my forum. I’ve very carefully followed every nuance of his post, as far as I can tell. Ultimate CSV Importer and WP ALL IMPORT EXPORT (I have the extended pro version) do not expose post_parent in the mapping. However, Ultimate CSV Importer (now known as ‘Import Export Post as CSV File’) does say in the documentation that it will pick up post_parent when importing. Unfortunately I didn’t check in the database before running the repair tools and they always seem to remove the hierarchy when i use them.

    When I import using the fields bbp_forum_id and bbp_topic_id I am able to make some progress in that the Topics show that they are in the correct forum in the backend. But they don’t show up in the frontend.

    See this post for some useful information:

    Bulk-move bbPress topics

    Anyway, when I import Stephen’s files, the Topics and Replies won’t show up for me. post_parent is incremented in the database when importing as far as I can tell. I have read many posts on this and other forums virtually begging for a bbpress csv importer and many of the replies mention post_parent as being central to the issues.

    One example statement says “The standard WordPress Importer only sets a post’s post_parent if that post also exists in the import; it can’t map an imported post to a post that already exists in the database.”

    With that in mind, I went into the database after importing Stephen’s files and I manually updated post_parent for the Topics and Replies. When I do that, the Topics and Replies show up in the frontend as they should. At least I’m understanding what needs to happen for the Topics and Replies to show up on the front end.

    Having edited post_parent in the database (using phpMyadmin) I then ran the forum repair tools. Counts were updated and everything is where it should be.

    I’m now almost at the point of letting sleeping dogs lie. However, I’m going to try an old plugin on my dev site and I’ll post the results of that shortly.



    I forgot to add. The date format in one of Stephen’s files is not correct (the reply comes in several years before the topic). I’m adding this because it was asked and not answered on Github.



    I installed the following plugin on my dev site:

    Export is working perfectly (latest wordpress and bbpress).

    Import not working at all but I might be doing something wrong. Very disappointing because this plugin looks so promising.

    Giving up for now, I hope this helps someone I’ll actively update this if I make any progress.



    I couldn’t stop. I persisted for another 30 minutes and I’ve had some success!

    The plugin above is working. I successfully imported Topics into an existing forum. I have only managed to import 7 so far (out of a set of 175). The reason you see duplicates on the following link to one of my dev sites is because I thought perhaps some international characters were interfering with the import (one of my members had posted in French), so I tried deleting several rows and re-importing several times.

    New Forum

    No databases were injured in bringing you this message… Well actually the plugin did delete a forum when I used the wrong import setting, so be careful. The success I had was with importing to an existing forum (that I had created for the purpose of doing the import). The plugin allows you to select an existing forum from a dropdown list in the next screen when you select that option.

    I was about to give up but now that I see this plugin can export and import I will try again sometime soon. For now, I have been awake for 24 hours so I must sleep 🙂

    nasim mohamadi


    I’ve not tried it so far. What a good feature.

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