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Import BB data from CSV file to bbPress forum

  • harpeml



    I am new to the WordPress world and setting up my first experimental site inside my company. I want to move a blog/forum from an old home grown system to a new bbPress forum. I do not need to carry over replies; just the topics, write ups, author, and tags. I have all of the information in a spreadsheet. Assuming all of the old authors have accounts in the new WordPress, is there a way to import the topics and their metadata? I see importers for some specific BBs but nothing for just a generic data file.

    Thanks much for any suggestions,
    Mike Harper

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  • Frank


    I know it’s been a few years, but this is the closest I found to an answer. I am trying do what you all did here, but I have a twist. I need parent forums. I tried the post_parent on the csv file and it didn’t work, it just create a 404 error where the url was a bunch of numbers. Changed the permalinks, nothing.
    I also tried another importer, but got half way and it started locking up – php memory errors.
    I am trying import a few thousand lines in each csv file.
    Has anyone been able to find a solution or fix?

Viewing 26 replies (of 26 total)
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