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If is the frontpage of the forum

  • TiPi64


    Hello there.

    I want to use conditionnal tags in order to display some details. The main page (frontpage) of the forum uses a WordPress page but doesn’t keep the content nor the details (SEO details such as meta description).

    I want to add some details (content and meta values). I want to make some conditionnal tags and I need to know how I can do.

    I checked this forum and Google to know if I can use, with an if, is_bbpress or is_frontpage, but no answers solved my problem.

    How can I force anything to be displayed where I want in the main page of the forum? Thanks for the help.



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  • Robkk


    Does your SEO plugin allow allow you to edit the titles and descriptions of custom post type archives? Most SEO plugins do. And in them you look for forum archive to edit the front page of the forums.

    Here is the bbPress conditionals if you are using something custom.

    bbPress Conditional Tags

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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