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I know I know (comments as bbpress)

  • gimperdaniel


    I know this has been talked about before and some people disagree… but i will ask cause i am not wanting you to work for me.. i just need some guidance…

    I know some php and mysql.. i understand queries , functions.. and all that basic php/mysql implemantation… i also understand relational databases… what i dont understand is how plugin works… hooks, api…. and all that techninality people talk of at

    Having sad that.. this is what I am trying to accomplish in order to integrate both bbpress and wordpress..

    Create a forum category in wordpress, so when i post i select the regular category..(ex: news) and if I want that news to be posted in the forum i also select the “forum” category.

    Then i create a relational table that contains all post ids.. and the forum posts ids… that way i can quickly pull the info in bbpress and/or wordpress..

    What I dont know is how to integrate this in the Write Panel… because i donĀ“t understand it how it works. If someone can help me to understand it.. i could create a query on the write panel to post to the forum whenever i select the “forum” category

    that could also be a plugin.. but i dont kno whow to make plugins… mabe somone can point me out to a tutorial…

    Anyway… bbpress is nice.. and wordpress is awesome. Thanks for working so hard to make this possible.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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