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I have created a bbPress starter theme with a phpBB look and feel

  • Lynq


    Hey all,

    I thought I would have a go at creating a quick and easy theme for people to get started using bbPress. This was built fairly quickly using one of my other themes (which are based off the default bbPress files).

    If you want to check it out then have a look at: or check it out on github

    The theme allows you to get more of a phpBB or invision look to your forum. It uses the functions I posted previously on along with some css to get the forum looking nice by installing the theme. The forum should be pretty fluid so it will fit any width of site.

    Good luck, I hope this helps!

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  • peter-hamilton


    no problem, I have been trying to figure out both word and bbpress and am slowly getting to grips with it, but it is not easy mate I know.

    Here is a link to the forum I am building for a client, I call the theme BBFacelook, if you would like to know how to add any of the features I have added just say so, but then you better make a new thread.


    Good luck with your forum.

    Peter Hamilton



    Hi, i installed your theme and really like it, but somethings are a litlle messy, reply lines are divided in half, and some other small things.
    The theme is inside my child-theme, and i don´t know why any modifications to the bbpress.css don´t take effect, do you know why?



    I love the look and idea of this theme but I need help in order to make it look good enough for my web site.

    1. I want to remove the Grey and White boards and change it to just white.

    2. I want to change the Forum Category from Grey to a light color.

    3. I’m still trying to look for a way to pt Forum icons for each forum board but nothing has worked so far. Im surprised no one has come up with a working idea or even a plugin.



    How do I install this theme into bbPress?



    Is it mobile friendly?



    Fatal error: Call to undefined method BBP_Default::epicwebs_bbp_list_forums() in /data01/virt50419/domeenid/ on line 38




    you were suppose to copy all the files in the github package and put it into your child theme , including the bbp-functions.php file


    it might not be that great at being mobile responsive. the last time i tried it it wasnt that great


    copy it all to your child theme

Viewing 7 replies - 126 through 132 (of 132 total)
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