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I can’t seem to programmatically override BBpress user role

  • smokeys_13


    I’m trying to find the correct filter to jump in on, and the most logical to me was ‘bbp_get_user_role’ but if I try to return from that filter ‘bbp_blocked’ or false all the time (just as a test before I add my logic), it seems to completely ignore my response and keeps using the user’s standard role as decided by BBPress.

    What filter can I use to force my own custom roles (I am looking at a custom piece of user meta data to decipher their ability to use the forums and it needs to be dynamic).

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  • smokeys_13


    Never mind, after more digging I’ve discovered I seem to be able to do what I need using the following filters:

    • bbp_user_can_view_forum
    • bbp_current_user_can_access_create_topic_form
    • bbp_current_user_can_access_create_reply_form

    I found these in includes/users/template.php.

    Thought I’d just leave this information here in case other people want to do the same thing



    Glad you resolved your own issue! 🙂

    Also thanks for sharing the information.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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