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I am losing my mind working with the bbPress template system

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    I find it astonishing that there are a hundred template files with no explanation as to what any of them do.

    I installed bbPress on top of WordPress. Can somebody help me out here? I’m trying to separate postings (space them apart so their not so close to each other) by using my CSS file, but for the life of me I can’t get it to work, although I am able to make other alterations.

    Any suggestions?

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    Also, is there a simpler (more consolidated) theme I could use as a template? I used bbPress a while back and I don’t remember it being this convoluted.



    I would start by following the instructions at the top of this thread:

    I don’t know how you ‘installed’ the plugin for the theme, but I did notice there is no bbpress.css stylesheet showing up in your theme. That is a huge part of the problem.

    same :(

    John James Jacoby


    You’ll want to get familiar with how template parts work. The reason there are so many is bbPress uses them to make the shortcodes work correctly.

    The file names themselves are fairly verbose, and at the top of each file is the name of the file, which is a fairly clear indication of what it does.

    When we get some documentation setup here, I’ll post up a list of the files and what they do and why.

    Hi JJK…

    I too am losing my mind with BBPress… I’ve been using WordPress for some time and run a site for my photography business.

    I’ve just built a games site for a bunch of fellas who enjoy gaming and we’d like to use WordPress and BBPress to get a swanky forum going.

    I installed BBPress as a plugin and all seemed well until I went to the ‘Themes’ page which reads: ‘Your active theme does not include bbPress template files. Your forums are using the default styling included with bbPress.’

    I’ve scoured the Net and found no answers to this issue. Can you please help so I don’t lose anymore hair?

    Many thanks!

    Just to make your insight a bit clearer here’s what I’ve done thus far and the dead-ends I’ve encountered:

    Below I have used the instructions with the Static Red Theme:

    2. Installation

    Quick guide:

    1) If this is your first custom theme, you will have to create a directory called “my-templates” inside

    your bbPress root directory

    >>>The only BBPress directory I could find was in the WordPress ‘plugin’ directory. This gave me:


    2) Upload entire static-red/ folder to your my-templates folder

    >>>Yep, did that<<<

    3) Activate the theme from your ACP under Appearance

    >>>This does not show anything relating to any of the BBPress themes I have installed :(<<<

    The bbpress 2.0 install theme bbp-twentyten and not functioning properlly. the pgn seems to missing or corrupted and does show on the install theme page in wordpress. I have not looked any of the code so i do know if there is also a code problem.

    SOrry Tom, I didn’t understand any of that mate :(



    @ghostchoja – It seems like you are trying to use a bbPress 1.0 theme with bbPress 2.0. bbPress 2.0 uses WordPress themes, not bbPress themes.

    I am?? Andre, can you please tell me a good combination of the two so I can get started… PLEASE!

    Mny thanks for your help sir :)



    I suggest using the WordPress plugin version of bbPress, version 2.x. bbPress 2.0 uses the same WP theme your site is using. It can also import data from a 1.x installation.

    This thread will tell you how to display forum content the easiest way. –

    This thread will tell you how to display forum content in a more customized way. –



    Andre: that was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I scoured the net, looked through BBPress documentation for hours and FOUND NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. The ‘veterans’ of BBPress responses were in loops or archaic at best.

    I’ve been working on WordPress and web development for over a decade and so often do I fall on searches that yield really unhelpful ‘answers’. HOWEVER, FINALLY there has been ONE ANSWER that beats them all!

    Even though your post was made over a year ago, IT HELPED! Now I can finally stop figuring out how to use templates for BBPress 2.2.4! Thank you!



    The links above are all giving Error 404 – Destination Not Found

    If this is temporary, then please delete this post after the problem is corrected. Thank you

    Most of what is mentioned above can now be found in the docs


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