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  • ianwild


    Hi all,

    Rather than wake up an old thread I thought I’d start a new one. The issue was reported here:

    Links in posts lead to them being hidden (and how to deal with them)

    And we have a similar problem. It seems a post with a single link is being hidden and no notification is being sent in spite of having the number of links set to ‘2’ before posts are hidden and us actively checking for the relevant notifications.

    I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this issue? I’m not that familiar with bbPress so if there’s something obvious I’m missing then I would be grateful if someone was able to point me in the right direction.

    Wordpress 5.9.3
    bbPress: 10.2.0

    Many thanks in advance!

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  • Robin W


    ‘Links’ will include anything that HTML considers a link, so that can include images and other stuff.

    I’d suggest you try :

    bbp style pack

    once activated go to

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack>moderation

    This will give you emails to advise, and the user notification

    I’d need an example of content to advise on why it might be held

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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