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HTML tab not working after WP update?

  • iprg


    Hello, I am not able to switch to HTML tab in the editor during editing of topics/replies… (When I enter it through dashboard) It simply does not react to clicking…. Another buttons also do not suddenly react – so I am unable to link a word/fraze with an URL (my forum is here:
    It seems to me that it happened after I updated to the latest version of WP…
    Or might there be another issue? I tried to deactivate anything I could think of but did not help…
    Thanks! Jan

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  • Robkk


    are you clicking the edit topic menu item in the wordpress admin bar??

    or the edit link on the topic??

    or are you just editing a topic from the backend??



    Hi Robkk, thanks for replying!
    I am still able to edit the stuff from the edit link.
    But – and that is the matter – I am not able any more to edit it from within the WP administration (I worked just like if I was editing a post)… that functionality is gone… (To be precise: I can still open it, but not to swith to HTM tab).

    Would be great to have any insight…
    Thanks a lot!





    alright well do you have any plugins that affect the editor like WP Edit or something similar??

    and if you havent already go through the basic troubleshooting for general issues in this topic.

    Before Posting

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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