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How to uninstall bbpress forum completely?

  • Now im stuck, I first install bbpress on this directory , I thought i could change the permalink later on, but i realized i couldnot do that.

    What i wanted to do was to have, but well.. I learned from mistake.

    I simply renamed the folder “bbpress” into “forums”, to see if it works, but no, it didnt and got error 404.

    Then I deleted bbpress folder (i hope all the files too) completely from the directory.

    Next, I locate new bbpress folder cos I want to reinstall it, and put it in the right directory, and its not working. It says that bbpress has already installed.

    Now everything is mess up and cant start over from the scratch. Everything is not working, error this error that.

    Can anyone help me please?

    I surprise there’s no clear explanation on how to uninstall bbpress. Thanks

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  • You have to clear your database as well for it to be completely uninstalled. Access your hosting control panel, go to your mysql database manager, and “drop” all the tables that were being used by bbpress. If you are running multiple sites, be very careful which tables you drop and make sure they are the right ones that correspond with your bbpress forum

    Thanks. there are 7 files started with bb_ in database manager, is that it? i delete them?

    Thanks, it works!

    Now, how do I blend my wordpress site with the default bbpress theme?



    ipunkbali, please start a new topic for that integration question, or just browse the tag to see how others have done it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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