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How to successfully import from a large BuddyPress forum?

  • Erlend


    I run a fairly large site with a standard integrated bbPress forum, categorized by groups. I’ve been able to successfully update to version 1.5. However my attempts at migrating to bbPress 2.0 have so far been unsuccessful.

    All I’ve tried so far is the default process:

    Tools -> Import -> bbPress Standalone

    I’m given a path to bb-config.php, at the root of my WordPress install, which seems to be correct. Going by these default settings has worked just fine on a much smaller test site. On this big one however, no such luck.

    We have ~20’000 threads and ~15’000 users. If you’ve attempted to migrate a fairly large website to bbPress 2.0 from the legacy BuddyPress forum, kindly share your findings.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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