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How to set up a page with unanswered topics?

  • aviazz


    We are struggling with finding a way for Support Team to easily track all topics with no replies. It would be great to have a page with all these topics or something similar.
    Does anyone know how to do that?

    WP – 4.5.3
    bbPress – 2.5.9

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  • aviazz


    Any ideas?

    Robin W


    I’ve just added that capability to one of my existing shortcodes in my style pack plugin, so if you install

    and then see

    Dashhboard>settings>bbp style pack>shortcodes for a description of how to use it in detail, but

    [bsp-display-topic-index noreply='true']

    used in a page will get you what you want




    You already should have a way to view topics with no replies. By default bbPress has a feature called Views. It allows you to display topics with various different arguments. Topics with no replies should be one of the 2 default views which are Most popular topics and Topics with no replies

    You can link to the existing page using the Topic Views widget in your sidebar, or you can use a shortcode already provided by bbPress to display a view shortcode in a page and add it to a menu. You can also also instead add a custom link to a menu in the menus section in Appearance > Menus if you do not need to use a shortcode in a page.

    The widget is called the Topic Views widget that you will be able to see in Appearance > Widgets or you can manage your sidebars using the Customizer API in Appearance > Customize in the WordPress backend.

    The shortcode you would want to use is [bbp-single-view id='no-replies']

    If for some reason you may not already have the default view. See if its related to a theme/plugin function removing the default view by troubleshooting.

    Plugin Troubleshooting

    Theme Troubleshooting

    If its not a theme/plugin issue we can check to see if its a possible bug causing an issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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