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How to position Forums added via groups (BuddyPress) on the last Part of Forums

  • ziridian



    I assigned different topics on Forums (bbpress) and arranged its heirarchy.

    However when I added groups, there was an option to add forums to groups. I ticked add forums to groups. I thought the forums added via groups will only be viewable in : groups.

    When I checked my forums, the ones on top are already the group names. The forum topics I created are already on the bottom part.

    1. May I please ask how the group forums can be automatically assigned to the last part of the forums so the forum heirarchy I assigned will remain the same? When there are members who’ll add groups, the layout won’t be messed up since the groups (forums assigned by group) will just be placed on the lower part.


    2. How do I remove the portion in Groups where the group creator can add forums? This is so the members won’t be able to add their group forums on the forums I originally created (only when #1 doesn’t work).


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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