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How to migrate Buddypress 1.5 group forums to bbpress 2.0 standalone forums?

  • kriskl



    I have just updated my test site from buddypress 1.3 to 1.5

    and installed new bbpress 2.0 plugin and it looks/ works good, with our custom theme


    we have over 10k topics in buddy press group forums,

    anyone successfully managed to move all group forum topics/posts to standalone bbpress forums?

    is there any converted available (or any chance someone is working on it)?

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  • I’m confused about this. If you have BBPress and Buddypress installed, do they work together? Does one have to migrate Buddypress to BBPress?




    Transferring group forums from the old setup to the new plugin vs. is in the works.


    What about moving BuddyPress 1.5 forums to BBPress 2.0?



    @ericdano You do not have to move it (as far as I am aware)

    We do want to move it though, our users prefer standard forums, not group forums..

    @anointed Thank you for prompt reply, that’s good news



    Except that the two don’t seem to work together. Which is my confusion. If you go to BuddyPress and Forums you see that you can install Site Wide Forums, which is BBPress 2. But then you see this

    “You may activate both Group and Site Wide forums, but this may create a poor experience for your members.”

    So, if you already have/had BuddyPress Forums, and decide to want to move to BBPress…..what do you do?

    I am also interested in the ability to migrate group forums to bbpress 2.0 plugin (and out of the groups).

    I have managed to set up bp groups so they each have their own forum without having their forum contents displayed at the top level menu by deleting the bp forums page (and removing it from trash).

    I then created a site-forums page for the bbpress site-wide forum by creating a “Site-Forums” page in WP and using the bbpress shortcode bbp-forum-index to list the available forums. I may add other shortcodes later.

    Unfortunately, I am still left with a lot of content under “groups” that were only created to form quasi forums under buddypress internal groups version of bbpress.

    Personally, I really like the idea of having both types of forums available!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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