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How to make my theme compatible with bbPress 2.2?

  • auco



    apparently, there were some major changes in the bbPress version 2.2 update (from 2.1). I’m having massive problems to get bbPress 2.2 to work with my custom theme. It used to work nice with bbPress 2.1 (and it still does if I’m reverting to 2.1), but there’s just no more output from bbPress 2.2.

    Custom plugins don’t seem the cause, can’t see any difference in activating or deactivating them.

    The strange thing is, that there is no output from bbpress, so it’s not a question of style but a question of how to trigger bbpress output if not through content() ?

    I know that it’s a theme issue because it runs fine with the twentyeleven and the WPTouch theme.
    I already tried inspecting if it’s an excerpt() issue (it’s not) and checked the page for is_bbPress() to no avail.

    Is there a document that describes theming and theme integration for bbPress 2.2 or how to migrate from 2.1 to 2.2?

    Or has anyone else had this issue with your custom themes?
    I already checked this, but it didn’t help either:


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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