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How To: Forum Posts Show CM Tooltip Glossary On Hover

  • Matoca


    I am preparing WordPress as a website with a forum for owners with sick dogs. Included in the website is a medical glossary plugin. It has worked so well on the pages that I have purchased their Pro+ version.

    The problem I am having is that the tooltip plugin is not recognizing terms inside the forum topic or posts and the tooltips are not coming up on hover:

    CM support says “I am not sure how bbpress use post and if it use the content filters on them. If it does it will show the tooltip”

    I could use some help. Should I be asking here about this, the designer of the theme or go back to CM support for the answer how to make this work?

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  • I think you will find the docs for that reference the_content in a WordPress context.

    For bbPress things are similar but the following best explains it though in this case it was related to Jetpack, the methodology is still the same though.

    This won’t work out of the box, and is by design. Jetpack hooks sharing options to the end of the ‘the_content’ filter. bbPress doesn’t use this filter, because blog content doesn’t have the same rules as forum content does; they work differently. To make it work, Jetpack’s sharing options would need to hook into bbp_get_topic_content and bbp_get_reply_content instead.

    Someone could write a piggyback function to do this, but it may be more difficult than this first step once you’ve gotten this far. Replies don’t use the same “premalink” logic as topics, forums, pages, and posts do, since they are technically children of topics. There could be other quirks, too.



    Thank you. I have a basic understanding of what this means. I read about get_content and understand that the reply data needs to be “hooked” before it displays so the Tooltip can act on it.

    But that is where my knowledge ends. What are the chances I can find someone to help make this happen for me? The CM ToolTip support is sympathetic but says it must happen on the bbPress side.

    I can see the application of tooltip glossary information for many different forums, especially those involved in sciences, medicine and other technologies, where terminology is often part of the discussion. Are there other forums in bbPress where I might ask about this?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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