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How to display users on bbPress

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  • Robkk


    There is a way using the wp user query

    plugins like BuddyPress have this type of feature too.

    bbPress does not have a feature/shortcode like this, but if you use BuddyPress , bbPress is compatible with it.



    Thanks very much @robkk. The link on wp user query is a great tool to solve my problem.
    Concerning the use of BuddyPress, i think the link will be a problem in the sense that the links to the profiles that will be displayed will not link to the users forum profile. I want the links to go to user’s bbPress profile page, not the default wordpress user page nor the buddypress profile.
    So I have decided to go by the Wp user query way, but please how am I going to create the php code. Am i supposed to wrote it in a page? or where should I put the code and how will i create the page?



    if you use BuddyPress and bbPress together the profiles will most likely merge together, but you could force to just use the bbPress profile i think.

    And i think the members page from BuddyPress should link to the users forum profile if you forced it.

    i never tried it before but this might help you.

    it looks like you create a custom page template, so create a members page then choose that template and i should show up.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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