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how to display list of sub-forums on separate lines, instead of big blob?

  • Any suggestions for how to show your list of sub-forums on separate lines, one underneath the other?

    Ours are all in one big chunk, underneath the forum title. They look horrible and are hard to read.


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  • Jarret


    Go into your theme for bbPress and look for loop-single-forum.php. On line 24 you will see

    <?php bbp_list_forums(); ?>

    Modify that line to look like

    <?php bbp_list_forums( array ( 'separator' => '<br />' ) ); ?>



    Actually I should clarify that you should have your own theme made so when a new update is ready your changes won’t get overwritten. Assuming you have your own customized (child) theme look in there for the bbp_list_forums function and apply my above reply and it should work for you.

    Thanks for your help, JarretC!

    We’re using the Genesis theme with the Serenity child theme.

    Which file should this go into, exactly? There are a ton of php files and then two CSS files, which don’t seem to have anything in them.

    I looked in Theme Functions and did a search for the first line of code you mentioned, but couldn’t find it.

    Also, not sure how I would have my own theme made… :-)

    Sorry to sound like an idiot, but when I open different php files or CSS files, I’m doing a search inside the code by using Command F to find it. Is there another way to find the code I need to change?



    No that’s how I do it within the browser. Are you using the bbPress Genesis Extend plugin?

    Yes, I am!

    And sorry, I meant the files for bbpress above, in terms of where I was looking.



    Which version of bbPress are you using? You can check by going into Plugins in the admin and it should give you the info.


    I did a search for “list” and “loop” in the child theme files and no luck. Here’s a list of our bbpress files:

    Theme Functions






    bbPress – Create Topic Page Template


    bbPress – Forums (Index) Page Template


    bbPress – Statistics Page Template


    bbPress – Topic Tags Page Template


    bbPress – Topics (Newest) Page Template


    bbPress – Topics (No Replies) Page Template


    bbPress – User Login Page Template


    bbPress – User Lost Password Page Template


    bbPress – User Register Page Template



























    RTL Stylesheet




    Our site is here:

    Also, something to note: just today, we uninstalled, then reinstalled the bbpress Genesis Extend plugin, because we cannot get it to work – or even show up anywhere.

    It’s not under the Genesis menu or Genesis Settings. Not under WP Settings either.

    Don’t know if that’s relevant, but thought I’d mention it.



    You’re going to have to FTP into your site in order to get to the file that you need to modify. The file that you need to modify is located under wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-themes/bbp-twentyten/bbpress which is one level lower than what you can access through the admin in WP.

    Once you are inside the /bbpress directory explained above you’ll need to open loop-single-forum.php and follow the directions I posted in my first reply to you.

    Unfortunately the plugin is only designed to work with bbPress 2.1 which currently is still in testing which is why it isn’t working for you. Was it working fine before the re-install today?

    Thanks again, Jarret. The plugin was never working before, so I guess it’s a non issue…

    I’ll go into C panel and find the file you mentioned. Really appreciate your help!



    No problem, let me know if you have anymore issues.

    IT WORKS!!! Thank you a million times over!!



    Awesome, good to hear :)

    The only other problem we’re having is that the front page doesn’t always show the latest post. Sometimes it does, then sometimes it goes back to a post that’s over a month old.

    We can’t figure it out and it’s affecting participation, because then it seems like it’s dead in there, when there’s really new activity. Any ideas?



    Is this issue for the forums or your main WP installation? The oldest post on the forums that is showing is only 8 days old.

    Hi, I’m Jen’s business partner. It’s for our forum, but seems like it may only be affecting one of our forums. OF course it’s the forum that has the most topics and posts. Jen just posted a “test post” to see how long it stays.

    In our cafe, newer posts will show up, then somehow it keeps reverting back to a post that’s 35 days old, by the same person!

    I finally just added a test reply to her post, so it would stop.

    It’s only happening in the forum.

    We just ported the whole thing over from vBulletin to bbpress and are obviously still working out the kinks. :-)



    Hard to say exactly, I see that you are using a caching plugin so that could cause potential issues. The fact that you also moved over from vBulletin could be causing another issue of course.

    I can’t access your Cafe section due to it being private but I could access the test post that you made so I could see that at least. How soon after a new post would that old post show up again?

    It’s hard to say. I noticed it reverted back after I would go into the forum and edit a topic or reply. for example, it was showing the most recent on the forum front page, but then I went in and someone had posted the same comment 3 times, so I deleted the first 2, leaving the third, and went back to the main page and it was reverted back to the 35 day old post.

    We’ve had multiple problems with caching. Our server shut us down b/c something was causing our site to show major traffic. We changed the settings on our caching plugin and that seemed to fix that problem. I sure hope it’s the caching plugin that’s causing this. :)



    Did you have a company convert over to bbPress from vBulletin or did you do it yourselves?

    We had gConverter do it. They did a good job, except for the fact that we had to hire someone else to assign roles to all of the users because participants couldn’t see any of the topics.

    Also, in order to make the forums work, we had to first make them public, then private, then public again.

    Good times. ;-)



    Did you mention the post issue to them? Seeing as how they do this professionally they might have come across the issue before possibly.

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