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How to check current active theme

  • Hi all,

    I have a problem :) What’s new? :D

    My scenario:

    I installed Theme switcher plugin and it works fine.

    I use it to switch between two themes (these are both different language versions of the same theme).

    Still, this works fine. Thing is, some of descriptions are hardcoded in core files (like titles of post form for example). Other titles, I can modify in template files, but is shared.

    I could find a way around this by using a condition (in core files) like:

    if (current theme is A) {

    do stuff


    elseif (current theme is B) {

    do other stuff


    Thing is I’m not sure how to check which theme is currently active. Theme Switcher plugin uses ?bbtheme= at the end of URL to load different theme – so as I suppose this is some variable stored in cache or something and there must be a way to check what it currently is. I’m not a coder though, so any help would be highly appriciated!

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