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HOW do i write a plugin

  • where are the filters and so on sos i can write my own plugins …

    im an intermediate php programmer, i know how to do basic plugins for wp, but not bbpress dont know filters and etc.


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  • You can do a grep to get a list of hooks/actions:

    We’re going to be documenting all of this more on the upcoming wiki soon… for now, grep is the only way to get this info that I know of.

    Sam Bauers


    Go into the bbPress directory in a terminal (Mac/Linux/Unix)

    All filters:

    grep -r -n apply_filterss*( . | grep -v .svn/ | grep -v @uses

    All actions:

    grep -r -n do_actions*( . | grep -v .svn/ | grep -v @uses && grep -r -n do_action_ref_arrays*( . | grep -v .svn/ | grep -v @uses

    ok, ill try that out (windows) if it wont work ill wait for the wiki.

    my plugin plan:-

    – User albums – in each profile a small image gallery of all uploaded images will be shown.

    – Faviroute users – each user can follow another / bookmark a user.

    – items-4-sale – users list their items for sale on their profiles.

    – thumbnails for posts – so posts can be turned via themeing into a blog style post on frontpage.

    so prepare for more annoying posts from me as i learn, believe it!

    soon this lite forum can be turned into a social platform without the need of hefty BuddyPress :D

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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