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How do I remove the poster's IP address from the post display?

  • TonyVitabile


    I’m very happy with the way my bbPress them has turned out. I’ve even managed to fix my drop down menus so they work — my function that spits out the

    tags was putting the before the

      tag for the level below. Once I fixed the placement of the tag, they worked great.

    My problem at this point is when I view a topic, my IP address shows up beneath my gravatar. That’s not in the code in topic.php. I believe it’s coming from the call to do_action(‘under_title’). This seems to be the only place that the gravatars can come into the post, as there doesn’t seem to be anything in the topic.php file related to them.

    Any ideas are appreciated.


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  • Sam Bauers


    The IP address is only visible to admins.

    Ip address is visible to moderators also and I don’t want moderators to see ip address.. Is there any way to restrict moderators frm getting ip address of members ???



    This will remove the ability for moderators to see IPs anywhere in bbPress.

    function no_view_ip($roles){unset($roles['moderator']['capabilities']['view_by_ip']); return $roles;}

    It will work in bbPress 0.9 or 1.0.

    In 1.0 you can just put it into functions.php in your template folder or make it into a mini-plugin for 0.9



    Thanks, CK! I appreciate it!

    Never having moderated a forum, I’m not sure what good knowing a user’s IP address is, especially with DHCP. I guess it can help you determine if a user who was banned has tried to rejoin using a different name, but only if they use the same exact IP address.

    Unless I’m missing something . . .

    Thanks again


    @ _ck_ , there is no functions.php in template folder ???

    Not for bbPress 0.9. From 1.0 on there can be.

    Vinod Dalvi


    You can remove ip address from bbPress posts by using the below custom code in the functions.php file of your child theme or in another custom plugin.

    function vvd_no_view_ip( $author_ip, $r, $args ){
    	return __return_empty_string();	
    add_filter('bbp_get_author_ip','vvd_no_view_ip', 10, 3 );
Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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