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How do I make bbPress look like my WordPress theme?

  • 1.) I thought one of the advantages of this forum was that it would automatically take on the theme of my WordPress site. It is not. How can I make that happen?

    2.) Can I remove all references to this being by bbPress, OR is that against the license?


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  • chrishajer


    It does not work like that. That’s on the radar though. To make your bbPress forum look like your WordPress site, you should browse the tag here integration. You will usually be creating a template for bbPress that looks like your WordPress theme. Another way to do it is to integrate so you have access to WordPress functions in bbPress, like get_header() and get_footer() so you can use WordPress functions.

    bbPress is GPL 2 licensed. You should read that to determine if you can remove all references to the software being bbPress. If you mean things like the logo and footer attribution, there’s no problem removing those things.

    I am pretty bummed because I thought that was one of the benefits of using this forum over others.

    1.) The forum seems a bit lacking in features after setting it up. Is the idea that additional functionality for the forum comes from additional plugins?

    2.) Where is the complete listing of available plugins for bbPress?

    3.) Where can I find examples of other people’s bbPress forums? The site only had two and one of them I have no way of seeing without a username and password.




    You came to the project either a little too early or a little too late, depending on how you look at it. The project is in transition right now so there’s not a lot of visible stuff going on with it. There is quite a bit of discussion behind the scenes.

    To address your specific points:

    1. yes, the idea is to keep the core light and add plugins to establish the functionality with plugins.


    3. there used to be a site called that listed many bbPress sites. That site was recently taken down. You can see people posting about their sites here and with a little creative googling you can find bbPress forums as well

    If you need functionality that is included in a plugin, be sure to check the version compatibility to be sure it works with the version of bbPress you want to use. There are not currently many plugins for 1.0: most were written to be compatible with 0.9 or earlier. If you want login integration bbPress 0.9 with the latest WordPress, there are plugins to make the cookies compatible between the two versions.



    Regarding the number of available plugins for the current version, I started a topic on this

    so far, 34 plugins listed as working, I still have to add a couple more…

    many that are written to be compatible with 0.9 or earlier, do work with 1.0.2 (we should update the plugin directory).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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