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How do I delete a forum?

  • planetphillip



    How do I delete a forum, not the whole board but a forum I created that has no posts within it.

    BTW, should I be calling it a sub-forum?


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  • yes i wanted to ask a similar question and how can we delete tags?

    There is currently no way to delete a forum without deleting it directly from the database (that is, using something like PHPMyAdmin).

    Tags can be removed from a particular topic by clicking the little x next to the tag in question.

    Tags can be completely deleted from the entire site by clicking the tag name, scrolling down, and clicking Destroy Tag. You must be an administrator or key master to destroy a tag.



    Thank You

    thanks for the reply

    one more thing when ever i am cliking a tags on the frontpage i am getting a 500 internal server error?how to solve this

    root9, this is due to a typo in bbPress rewrite rules. Use these instead:



    On one of my installs I can use the .htaccess created by bbPress, BUT, I also get the 500 internal server error with the tags. I have the above correction in place and I still get the 500 internal server error.

    Multiviews still works just fine though.

    thanks mdawaffe Options +MultiViews in .htaccess worked for me

    i tried using Options +MultiViews tags are working fine but i am getting a not found error on the forum,i used the <ifmodule mod_rewrite.c> also sorry i am newbie

    Keeping on the original topic at hand here, and no rush of course.. But, will, or could someone eventually make a “delete forum” plugin for bbpress, or maybe even add it into the core?

    Just was curious, IMHO..I think it would be a great asset! ;) Especially for those that *are not* experienced with the database/phpMyAdmin.. =P Again, just was wondering.. ;)


    By the way, I do know my way around the database and such, but.. it still would be *alot* easier to hit the “delete” button by a forum, then going into a database.. LoL! =P



    It’s actually not so difficult to delete them using PHPMyAdmin…and i am a relative newbie to this stuff.

    If your server has cpanel, you select the SQL database menu as you would normally do to create a database (you did this already to set up the forum, right?). At the bottom of the page, there is usually a link to jump to PHPMyAdmin…which is basically a webpage that lets you access your database. From there, you can easily figure out how to browse your database and delete forums or whatever. You can even change user passwords here or add users and other interesting stuff much faster than doing it item by item through the admin pages.

    … the problem here is you can delete a forum but not the post entries in the database that are in said forum… :/

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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