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How can I re-order the list of forums

  • bobdobbs


    I’ve installed bbpress and created a set of forums.

    On the forums page of my website, a linked list of forums shows… which is great.

    However, I now want to alter the order in which the forums are listed.

    Usually for post types, the admin screen allows a re-ordering of posts via the ‘quick edit’ link.
    However, in the bbpress forums admin screens, forums don’t have the ‘quick edit’ listing.

    I’ve installed and configured a couple of plugins that allow admins to re-order post types. These don’t seem to touch bbpress forums.

    At a last resort I’m sure I could find a code snippet online. But I’d like to work within the CMS admin as much as I can.

    Is there a way to alter the order of the bbpress forums list display without falling back to code?

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  • Robin W


    dashboard>forums>edit a forum and on the right hand side you will see Forum Attributes, and under this ‘order’ 0 is the first to be shown, so number the forums in the order you want them to appear



    Thank you!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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