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How can I prevent a group forum from using custom URLs?

  • I prefer the way WPORG deals with per-project forums over the BuddyPress-bbPress way. As in, when I click on a thread from within a group forum, I want that link to be a default forum link, not a custom group forum link. I realize this can potentially cause some confusion for users when they’re taken away from the group. Thing is that I’m running a forum-centric community, not a group-centric one, so for us it’s problematic the other way around:

    User discovers new thread via forum index, clicks thread, suddenly the user is in a group! And that’s what we’d like to avoid.

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  • Here’s a real world scenario:

    When we went from BuddyPress forums to bbPress, we were left with some niche “Project” forums. As opposed to our most frequented forums like “Troubleshooting” and “Development”, these forums were the only ones that actually merited group-integration back when that was the only way to create a forum.

    After migrating, it would make sense to couple these forums together with their respective groups again. However, we don’t want to do that if it means changing the URLs, which would not only disturb the user experience as explained above, but also cause some trouble with our redirects.

    I’m not asking for something that’ll work out of the box. Some pointers on what pieces of code to look at to have a go at this ourselves would go a really long way. Same goes for excluding forums and topics from default index.

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